2nd Innings: Bharat Gothoskar of Khaki Tours Finds His Passion in the Undiscovered Lanes of Mumbai

The city of dreams – Mumbai. Situated in the west coast of the peninsula, it wears the Queen’s Necklace on its shores and hides the untold heritage of a hundred years in its tiny by-lanes.

These undiscovered nooks and crannies are where BharGo (Bharat Gothoskar) of Khaki Tours found his passion.

Coming from an engineering background, Bharat was all about leading the settled corporate life. He had completed his MBA from Mumbai University and was on his way up the professional ladder. However, his heart had other plans; he was unable to find the job satisfaction and contentment from his 9 to 5.

In time, Bharat decided to leave his career behind and chase his dreams in the old-world charm of Bombay by becoming a Heritage Evangelist.

His decision was faced with doubts but his passion for his work brought him success in setting up Khaki Tours. Bharat’s story stands testimony to the dream we all want to pursue. BharGo did not back down in following his passion and his 2nd Innings is an inspirational story for us all.


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