2nd Innings: Former MD of a Mahindra Group Company reinvents retirement with his passion for gourmet ice cream. Here’s the Tangelo story!

While most people look at a quiet retirement after 60, former MD of a Mahindra Group Company, Pawan Malhotra had other plans. The successful corporate guru’s aspirations could easily be classified under the “18-year-old at heart with plenty of experience” category. Pawan’s influential career took him around the world in cities like Moscow, Copenhagen, London, and Rome, where his passion for tasting unique ice creams found the perfect opportunity. After his retirement, he was faced with a choice – either to pick up a highly rewarding corporate consulting job or follow the path less taken of building something new. He chose the latter, and thus came to life his brand “Tangelo” – a gold standard in the hand-crafted gourmet ice cream experience.

However, the Tangelo ice-cream story would be incomplete without the mention of its behind-the-curtains architect – Pawan’s better half, Bina. Her gourmet experience is the root of all the different flavour mashups that make the brand an institution in hand-crafted ice-creams.

Tangelo now has five outlets in Delhi NCR and every scoop sold in these frozen sweet shops is freshly handmade the night before by a close team of craftsmen and the duo themselves. The brand has seasonal flavours like Alphonso mangoes available throughout the year and boasts of options that are specifically made for your house pet.

Tangelo’s success was fuelled by his constant drive to give customers everything he had tasted around the world during his travels. The gourmet ice cream brand is always on a constant pursuit of unique tastes that bring together flavours from around the world into every scoop of happiness.

Pawan’s ice-cream story is a splendid example of the potential that lies within all of us if we listen to our hearts.

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