5 food styling hacks to help you win over Instagram!

Love posting pictures of your food on Instagram?

Here are a few pro-tips by professional food stylist Ishita Patel to make it more social media edible!

1. Stick it to the right background

Getting the food background right is the first step towards setting up for a flawless snapshot. If you want a cleaner image turnout, opting for a wooden dinner table or the marble floor will give you the desired result.

    Impressed with the wooden background?

Here’s another shot to give you a fair understanding of what a marble background will look like when used right.

However, if you are here for the best result, professionals swear by textured tablecloth or paper in the matter.

No matter what your background of choice is, avoid glass surfaces at all costs if you want your food to pop out of the background!

2. Balancing color and tone

The perfect food snapshot needs to have a balanced color and tone outline. You must avoid having the food and the plate in the same tone. The idea is to establish a contrast in order to make the dish look more appealing.

At the end of the day, everything else other than the dish itself is just a supporting character to the story. One should never forget who the real star of the show is!

3. Pick the right cutlery

Picking the right cutlery could be the game changer for food. It helps even simple dishes get the right limelight and create a better picture.

Here are a few thumb rules to live by:

  • Pick design or textured plate for single colored food

  • Choose monochrome plates for multicolored foods and layers (avoid white)

  • Don’t be shy to experiment with bronze and antique metal dishes

4.Don’t take light lightly!

Getting your grubshots praiseworthy means you cannot take light lightly. Food and the background should have plenty of focus and nothing does that better than some natural light through the window!

However, there may be times when you don’t have the right amount for a good photograph. In that case, you can always use a white cardboard or thermocol sheet as a reflector. Once you set it up, all you need to do is put your food in between the reflector and the natural light source to get the perfect shot.

In case you have an artificial light kit, you can also use white tracing paper as a filter to get a softer, smoother light for your picture.

5. Get the right shot for the right food

When it comes to clicking images of what’s on the plate, let the item be itself. Your job is to make sure that you bring out the personality of the dish in the best way possible.

For example, foods with height and layers like a burger are best put in a front shot.

This helps bring out the layers, texture, and colors; it adds more character to the picture!

On the other hand, top shots bring out the aesthetics for salads, rice with sides, or anything else that covers a larger surface area. It is the best way to make the most of a spread that is laid out.

These are the 5 insider hacks from Food Stylist Ishita Patel to make your grub worth a lot more on Instagram! Apply them on your next clicks and prepare for a boost in like notifications!

About Ishita Patel:

Ishita Patel is one of the top food and product stylists in the country who also consults on styling with Godrej Group. Check out some of her other work on



Send us your food shots using these hacks by Ishita and we will publish the top entries here on the blog!



    1. Pizza yummy in tummy make u feel delicious and healthy with vegis…

      • Project: Godrej gulf meadows
      • City: Mumbai
    1. Make a healthy pizza at home.
      Just use wheat flour instead of maida that gives such a good taste and for some more flavour add lots of veggies.I don’t had mozerella cheese so added cheese cubes which I had at home

      • Project: Godrej eternity Life+
      • City: Bangalore
  1. Dish name : know suey
    Some simple hacks are coconut based soup with rice noodles o regular noodles
    I made it with lots of veggies but if u r non-veg can add cooked chicken chunks as well.
    To go be crunch in this dish add some roasted peanuts, fried garlic and fried onions and its done.

    • Project: Godrej eternity Life+
    • City: Bangalore
    1. Thank you for the post Ms.Shetty.. looking forward for more posts from you and your family and friends…

      • City: Bangalore
  2. Ishita has put together a cohesive list of styling hacks.Thank you. Great job!

    • Project: Godrej Central
    • City: Mumbai
  3. I have tried mini pizza today.
    New chef in me.

    We’re hoping to succeed, we’re okay with failure. We just don’t want to land in between.

    • Project: Godrej emerald
    • City: Mumbai
    1. Thank you for posting the picture. It looks so colourful and delicious. Loved the way you have garnished the salad around the rice. Good one Ma’am.

      • Project: Nirvaan
      • City: Mumbai
  4. Pancakes made by my daughter, she is 6th grade and she is a Master Chef. SHe made them from atta, Baking Powder and milk, they taste so yumm, try it with nutella, nothing like it.

    • Project: Godrej Oasis
    • City: Gurgaon
  5. Atta cake by my wife, she wanted to make the junk into healthy food, so instead of using maida, she made this tasty cake from Atta.

    • Project: Godrej Oasis
    • City: Gurgaon
  6. Made Soya milk and Tofu from it during lock down….sharing the pictures

    • Project: Gordrej Nature Plus
    • City: Gurgaon
      1. Fluffy Poha Dosa Receipe

        1 cup dosa rice
        ¼ cup urad dal
        ¼ tsp fenugreek seeds
        1 cup thin poha
        ¾ cup curd, fresh thick curd
        water as required to soak and blend
        salt to taste
        oil for roasting
        firstly, in a large bowl soak rice, urad dal and methi seeds for 5 hours.
        further, drain off the water and blend to smooth batter adding water as required.
        transfer to a large bowl.
        now in a same blender add in thin poha and curd.
        blend to smooth paste. add water if required.
        transfer to the same bowl.
        mix well making sure everything combined well. add more water if required.
        cover and ferment in a warm place for 8- 12 hours depending on the climate.
        next day, mix the batter and check for flowing consistency batter.
        furthermore, add salt as required and mix well.
        heat the griddle and pour a ladleful of the batter on it and spread it very gently.
        add ghee / oil if required. however it is not required.
        then cover the dosa for a minute and cook till the top of dosa is cooked completely in presence of steam.
        furthermore, the dosa turns to be full of holes and very soft indicating the batter has well fermented.

        Tip:Add a small amount of sugar right before making the dose,to get that golden crisp look on the top.

        • Project: Emerald
        • City: Mumbai
  7. Grilled veg sandwich to feed small hunger..serving idea credit goes to this blog..
    Stay safe stay healthy everyone!

    • Project: Godrej Prime
    • City: Mumbai
  8. Stir fry Prawns in the making! Blessed to have a husband that cooks and shares the household responsibility equally.

    • Project: Godrej One
    • City: Mumbai
  9. Adding a right prop and lighting for not only a perfect pic but also highlighting the mood. A romantic candle light dinner.

    • City: Mumbai
  10. Make a healthy pizza at home.
    Just use wheat flour instead of maida that gives such a good taste and for some more flavour add lots of veggies.I don’t had mozerella cheese so added cheese cubes which I had at home

    • Project: Godrej eternity Life+
    • City: Bangalore
  11. Europian Khichadi Risotto.
    During the lockdown one of the best way to keep ourselves busy is cook and take pictures of it. The post in Insta and afterwards share in new social platform created by Godrej.
    New platform is not only entertaining but highly informative.
    Hats off to those creative staff from team Godrej.

    • Project: Godrej Prime
    • City: Mumbai

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