A binge list for kids: stories with a lesson for everybody

A kid’s movie doesn’t mean it is reserved only for the underage. In fact, these movies are often filled with hidden lessons that can teach even us adults how to cope with various challenges in life and remain positive against all odds. We have rounded up some of the biggest blockbusters for children that will leave you thinking about the value of life…

1. Ratatouille

A story about a garbage boy Alfredo and his unlikely friend Remy the rat, Ratatouille explores the themes of love, friendship and talent, and leaves the audience with a simple yet profound message, that “Anybody can cook”. But delve even deeper, and this line isn’t limited to cooking alone, but is also symbolic of pursuing dreams and aspirations with positivity, no matter where one begins, what their limitations may be or where they stand in life. Basically, it resonates the feeling of, “Anything is possible”.






2. The Karate Kid

The 2010 release of The Karate Kid is a reboot of the original, and stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. The movie revolves around Dre Parker and his adventures in a foreign land where he finds a teacher in Mr. Han, and learns to find the courage that helps him face his fears and emerge victorious. With adorable teenage subplots, The Karate Kid is a must-watch for anybody who believes in hard work, perseverance, and honour in the face of adversity.






3. Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is the story of an unlikely prodigy Po the Panda, and his internal and external battles into finding the secret ingredient to life. With a badass villain, a wise master in Shifu, and the cast’s amazing comic timing, this cult animation movie is going to bring back fond memories for the old and the young!






4. Naruto

A mischievous underdog finally learns how to channel his indomitable energy into becoming the best shinobi alive. Naruto, named after its title character, is a cult anime series created by Kishimoto, and has a wide fan base all over the world. You can binge the first 9 seasons with your little ones and discover the fantastic world of ninja and the many life lessons within it!






5. The Big Show Show

All of us remember this seven-footer wrestling giant from his glorious past in the WWE and WWF. However, this Netflix original show has the pop culture icon traversing uncharted territory – one of having a family and raising 3 daughters! A coming of age story for the wrestler and his family with goof up moments filled with laughter, this is the perfect binge recipe for both adults and kids.






6. Akbar and Birbal

The stories of Emperor Akbar and his witty courtier Birbal have always been very popular in India and bring back fond childhood memories for most of us. Not just that, each of this duo’s stories come packed fun moments and some valuable lessons to keep in mind while going forward in life.






7. Megamind

The film follows the story of its title character, Megamind, a cunning villain in constant battle with his childhood nemesis Metroman. However, things take an unexpected turn when Metroman goes missing and Megamind creates a superhero who is now bent on destroying the city he has grown to love.

 Filled with wit, laughter, love, and friendship, the story reveals to its audience the goodness that lies in all of us, waiting for an opportunity to express itself.






So, go ahead, binge away on our entertainment picks for kids packed with profound messages – hope you have a wonderful time watching these blockbusters.


Send us a selfie with your kid and any of the above movie titles playing on the screen and tell us about the life lesson you learnt from your pick!


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