A tribute to Our Heroes: How Indian Soldiers in the Imperial Army won World War II against Fascist and Nazi forces

The 2nd World War is considered a battle of ideals. On one side stood the Fascist regimes of Germany and Italy and their anti-Semitic policies, while on other stood Britain and the United States with their advocacy for democracy and republic. However, a part of this epic saga that is often lost in translation is the military contribution of Indian soldiers across the globe for the British campaign. From the deserts of Africa to the forests of Burma and even on European frontiers, British Indian soldiers were deployed in heavy numbers. Their experience in war campaigns and martial spirit contributed with major turning points in the six years of battles. Ultimately, more than two million British Indian soldiers fought the war. Tracing their rich history with Military Historian Lt Gen Shergill, we present this Paperweight Entertainment Production.


Do/did you have friends or family in the armed forces or during the freedom struggle? Tell us their story and we will publish it on our blog, and relive the sacrifices of our fellow brothers and forefathers!


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