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As a part of the #GodrejCommunityInitiative, pick a book of your choice and finish it in the remaining days of the lockdown.

Share pictures of you and your family while doing the activity with your Relationship Manager.



  1. Post Covid -19 pandemic, Scenario World Wide as Envisaged:-
    • Looking towards planet from an environmental angle, there will be a Sea Change like the need of more plantation, minimize deforestations if new industry is visualized/ conceptualized, we have to see twice thrice, it is really affecting the nearby population by giving a fresh thought, rather than ignoring or over ruling.
    • There will be huge prospect of business in E Commerce sector , new entrepreneurs are likely to join the sector
    • The new culture of working from home particularly in the IT sector may have to be given a fresh thought by certain percentage of work force may be operated from home therefore reducing/optimizing the office size/establishment cost.
    • Now, it is expected that any nation may not be that interested for building up their military warehouse for war/fighting with other nations. Rather a chunk of these expenses may be diverted for making good health infrastructure for the country.
    • It has been worldwide felt that medical infrastructures in most of the countries are inadequate when facing this type of pandemic situations and people in fact getting panicked to a great extent for this pathetic scenario.
    • Science and technology sector has to be given more importance than what it is at present including medicine, pharmaceuticals, research work etc.
    • In rural sector, there will be more encouragement for making small handicrafts items, utility items, personal protective items like masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc.
    • Inequality as per profession may be diminished further. People have to have lot of consideration for the service sector people like House Keeping, gardening, para medical workers, domestic help, etc.
    • Before this pandemic situation, most part of the world has become dependent on China rather than their own country. The nation has to strive for self-sufficiency in most of the sectors.
    • All the citizens irrespective of the social status will have a different look on health and hygiene aspect.
    • People across sections felt the need of good family bonding, empathy & sympathy should be there invariably for the other members of family.
    • People particularly in City/Urban area will become more empathetic.
    • The sharing of emotions ,happiness , caring for the Seniors may be a new aspect of Social life
    • Huge change is also anticipated in Food Style across all the sections, may be more people start preferring the vegetarian diet rather than non veg items.
    • Lastly but not the least, a movement towards God Head & bound to appreciate the presence of Almighty without which our existence is always at Stake.
    • Produce in our own country shall bound to have more recognition rather than importing.

    Jai Hind
    R N Chattopadhyay & Amita Chatterjee
    Godrej Prakriti , Sodepur , Kolkata

    • Project: Godrej Prakriti
    • City: Kolkata

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