As a part of the #GodrejCommunityInitiative, put your culinary skills to test and cook a dish in your own style.

Share pictures of you and your family while doing the activity with your Relationship Manager.



  1. Keep upgrading yourself.
    Making most of Lockdown time by honing cooking skills.

    • Project: Godrej Oasis
    • City: Gurugram
  2. Ask what you can do for your country during lockdown

    – Stay home & ask what’s for lunch!

    • Project: Godrej Central
    • City: Mumbai
  3. Yeh dil maange more. Mangaa pachdee at the time of Corona and Tamil new year (Puthand). When getting bare necessities becomes a luxury. The vermicelli payasam and the Mangaa pachdee are the harbinger of sweetness and light in the days and years to come. The sambhaar remains a signature dish for Tamilians. The kothamalee thoku (Coriander chutney) tickles your palate along with curd rice. 2020, there is room for plenty.

    • Project: Godrej Greens
    • City: PUNE
  4. Farfalle past.Prepared by spouse Gowri. Photography credit daughter Mamta.

    • Project: Godrej Greens
    • City: Pune
  5. Thank you for sharing the wonderful Sunday Lunch with us.We are extremely happy for your active participation.Looking forward for more !

    Srinivas Venkat
    Godrej Se7en

    Sunday becomes even more special when your mom cooks authentic dishes for you . In frame, is lemon rice with vada and to tickle sweet taste buds, my super mom, Vijee Venkat added payasam (Kheer) aval puttu (an item made of poha and jaggery)

    From-Srinivas Venkat

    • Project: Godrej Se7en
    • City: kolkata
  6. Thank you for sharing this wonderful Recipe with us.We are extremely happy for your active participation.Looking forward for more !

    Supravat Das
    Godrej Se7en

    “Desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen—a happily-ever-after to supper.”😋🥰
    📸| Creamy Kunafa without oven |🤩❤️

    This is a famous Arabic dessert from the Arabian land 🥰 This special dessert is generally made during the holy month of Ramadan 😇😘
    ⚜️ Ingredients used
    🔸 2 packet of Semaiya (Brown)
    🔸 4 tbsp butter
    🔸 1/8 tsp orange food colour (optional)
    🔸 1 cup milk
    🔸 3 tbsp sugar
    🔸 1/4 cup milk
    🔸 1 tbsp corn flour
    🔸 100 g processed cheese or any cream cheese or you can use fresh cream or doodh ki malai instead of any cheese
    🔸 1/2 cup sugar
    🔸 1/2 cup water
    🔸 1 tsp rose water

    ⚜️ Method
    🔸 Firstly take 2 packets of semaiya in a bowl and use 4 tbsp of salted or unsalted butter and 1/8 tbsp of orange food colour and mix it well.
    🔸 Now for preparing the Kunafa mixture we need bowl 1 cup of milk. Once the milk starts to bowl then pour 3 tbsp of sugar and mix it well.
    🔸 Then pour in 1 tbsp of corn flour and bowl it in medium flame for 2 mins.
    🔸 After that drop the processed cheese or any cream and mix it well and cook it well until the cheese gets dissolved with mixture then put of the flame and keep the mixture by the side.
    🔸 Then we need to prepare the sugar syrup, for that we need to pour ½ cup of sugar and ½ cup of water and mix it well and cook it for 1 to 1.5 mins in a low medium flame. Then switch of the gas and pour 1 tbsp of rose water and mix it and your sugar syrup is ready.
    🔸 Now since we are making the Kunafa in a pan, so we would be non-stick pan so that Kunafa does not get stuck to the pan and use another pan or flat lid as we need to overturn the Kunafa.
    🔸 After that we need to girsh both the pans with butter really well and do not leave any spot empty.
    🔸 Now pour in the Semaiya mixture in the pan (half quantity) and use a bowl to adjust it well in the pan and keep the half quantity of mixture for later use.
    🔸 Now pour the Kunafa cream mixture on top of the semaiya and pour it in such way it does not stick the side of the pan.
    🔸 Then after pouring the cream mixture then pour the rest of the semaiya mixture on the top and use the bowl to adjust it properly on the pan.
    🔸 Keep the pan in the medium flame and once the pan is heated up then keep a tawa beneath the pan and in low medium flame, cook it for 10 mins.
    🔸 After 10-15 mins of cooking use a knife to remove the mixture from the side of the pan. Then take the other pan and overturn the mixture in the other pan very carefully and cook it the same as it was done previously.
    🔸 Then your cream kunafa is ready then pour the sugar syrup which we have prepared previously. One thing for suggestion while serving the Kunafa serve it directly from the pan or else there might be a chance of breaking.
    🔸 for garnishing the Kunafa we can use the pista mixture or dry fruits (optional).

    Now We can try this amazing dessert at your home and have it with your friends and family.

    Desserts like this can make everything better in life ❤️
    Anyone up for this yummilicious dessert like this🔥 ??

    From-Supravat Das

    • Project: Godrej Se7en
    • City: kolkata
  7. Shaahi Paneer Pizza based on Jaayeke ka Tadka recipe.
    It came out super delicious. The base was kept very thin (Italian style) so that pizza become super crunchy and less in carbs. To add more healthy stuff I used olive oil and lots of veggies. Base with tomatoes spread was cooked first in oven and veggies separately in Shahi Paneer style. After adding Shahi Paneer and Mozzarella cooked again in oven.
    Outcome was super yummy!

    • Project: Godrej Prime
    • City: Mumbai
  8. Thank you for sharing the picture of homemade grilled chicken sandwitch with us .We are extremely happy for your active participation.Looking forward for more !


    Abhinash Sahu
    Godrej Se7en

    • Project: Godrej Se7en
    • City: kolkata

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