Discover India: Facts you didn’t know about the four corners of the country!

India is a country with a rich past and a thriving present. It is diverse, colourful, and holds the keys to a million stories and trivia still waiting to be discovered. Which is why we bring you some of the most interesting content you will find – from all four corners of the country. Yes, literally!

From revealing the rich heritage of Mumbai in the West to sharing some lesser known facts of the 3 Ks – Kashmir in the North, Kolkata in the East, and Kerala in the South, we unlock some great stories across the country.

Mumbais Rich Past

Call it Mumbai or call it Bombay, either way, it is the city of dreams. Home to Bollywood and arguably one of the busiest metropolis in the country, it is always buzzing with an energy that is infectious to anyone who arrives here. It is the city where people from all around the country come to make their mark and dreams come true. But what makes this city truly iconic? And how glorious is its past?  Discover the beautiful heritage of Mumbai through stories of yesteryear. Here’s a Whack video taking you through the wondrous journey that the city has traversed.

Know Kerala, Kolkata, and Kashmir a little better

Now that we have covered the West, let’s take a quick power-packed minute on the rest of the three corners of the country. Here’s Whack telling you about all the amazing things you never knew about Kerala, Kolkata and Kashmir in just a minute each!

About Whack:

Whack is a YouTube channel hosted by Frieisha B that posts content on exciting facts, trivia and stories from around the world.










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