Football Diaries: Find out the fate of your favourite football leagues

The lockdown came bearing tough news for all kinds of sports fans who were looking forward to an exciting season of their favourite tournaments. But if you’re a football fan who was eager to watch the nail-biting football leagues this summer, we may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel soon enough. With conditions slowly improving, here’s a forecast of what could be in store for us in the coming few months…

1. EPL and Project Restart

Since the league’s suspension on March 13th, 2020, fans have been eager to know when things are likely to resume. 20 of the top EPL clubs are considering resuming the league. The decision is expected soon as all teams in question have scheduled a conference call for today (1st May) and will discuss going back to play with necessary preventive measures to support the football community. ‘Project Restart’ as the program has been named by UK officials, is paving the way for the season to come back to life after May 7. As of now, Liverpool leads the roster with 82 points of 29 games and fans of The Reds can’t wait for their chance at glory.

2. La Liga

Fans of the Spanish La Liga might have a little more wait ahead of them. While Spain recovers from the pandemic, the country’s government is pretty hopeful that the league can resume by summer. La Liga’s President, Javier Tebas has already announced 3 tentative dates for the teams to resume play: May 29th, June 7th or June 28th. Barcelona currently lead the table with 58 points of 27 games followed by Real Madrid at 56 points.

3. Serie A

Juventus and Ronaldo fans too could be looking forward to the Serie A resuming around late May or early June. Italian Prime Minister, Guiseppe Conte has announced that training can resume with precautions from May 18th.  Juventus are ahead in the league with 63 points of just 26 games. Officials suggest that the league might extend up to August 2nd this year.

With things looking up for these popular football leagues, it is only a matter of time before we are back in front of our television sets with our team jerseys on, cheering for our favourite teams and players. Until then, here’s a quick football quiz to help you refresh your 2019-20 season memories.

  • What is the newly introduced review system in club football called?
  • Which EPL team broke the record for the largest away win against Southampton?
  • Name the three clubs that joined the La Liga after being promoted from the Segunda Division?
  • Name the player and the team that scored the first goal in La Liga 2019/20.
  • Which Serie A player was named the MVP of the league for the month of January?
  • Who is the leading goal scorer in Serie A and which team does he play for?

Send us your answers in the comments below!


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