Fun Activity: DIY food art with the kids!

Indulging in some art and craft is a great way to spend time with your kids during this lockdown. And believe it or not, time flies when you’re getting crafty. The best part: you don’t need a million supplies to create something great. In fact, in this case, all you need is a couple of fruits and veggies that are lying around in your kitchen pantry at home. To get you started, we have listed out a few great DIY food art ideas that we are sure you will enjoy with your little ones. Don’t forget to capture these great times and memories.

1. Banana Dolphins

Bananas are the most easily available fruit, and who doesn’t love dolphins? And that is how the banana dolphin was born. To achieve it, just make a slit at the stem of the banana and draw a dot to make the eyes. Get creative and add as many details as you like. If you are up for it, you can even colour the dolphin with acrylic paint to make it look more realistic.

2. Egg Art

Easter eggs are a prime example of how you can make something so simple into an eye-catching masterpiece. And even though Easter is long gone, we can still use the white shell as a perfect canvas to create something worth sharing. You can go with patterns or faces and create myriad expressions and designs on these little oval orbs. To make sure that the eggshells don’t break during the activity, apply a layer of Fevicol mixed with water to make the exterior stronger, and let it dry before starting.

3. Food Hearts

Isn’t it fun when your food comes served in the shape of a heart. Kids really get a great kick out of it, and it even encourages them to finish the food on their plate. There are so many ways you can incorporate the shape. From vegetable cut outs placed to form the perfect heart to trimming the edges of a sandwich into a heart and spreading some jam on top for a sweet, loveable breakfast—so go on, add a bit of joy to the meals you make for your kid…they will heart it!

4. Food hats

On the path of making food look fun, food hats is another great way. Cut out small portions of fruits and vegetables and place it over boiled eggs with a tooth pick to make cute little food hats. You can use cherry tomatoes like in the picture above or go for stems of vegetables like gourds and brinjals. To make the hats look more exciting, paint on them with some colour and add patterns.

5. Pancake Art

Easy to make and delicious on every count, pancakes are a great place to put your food art on display. You can cut out different shapes from your round pancakes and add details with cocoa powder or chocolate syrup and add fruits and berries to make it look even more appealing!

6. Biscuit Emojis

Everybody loves emojis, whether it is on instant messaging apps or their plates. And what better base for creating edible smileys than something round and crunchy? Biscuits are a great canvas for this. Whether the biscuits are sweet or savoury, you can use different kinds of candy, dollops of ketchup and cheese or chocolate syrup to create any emoji face your kid wants. Sprinkles make a great hairdo, don’t you agree? Check it out in the picture above!

7. Food Scenery

Art classes often start kids with lessons in scenery drawing. We thought, instead of creating a scenic picture on paper, it would be fun to do it on a plate! So bring out the bread slices, fruit peels, berries, spreads, jams and sauces and let your kid’s creativity run wild.

These are just some of the ideas you can use for your food art session with the kids. But don’t be limited to our suggestions. Think out of the box with whatever fruits and vegetables are available at your home and use a little colour to add more details to your art piece.


Send us pictures of your creative food art and we will share it on our blog.


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