Fun Activity: Help your kids grow these easy veggies in your home garden!

Keeping kids engaged and occupied is growing increasingly difficult during this lockdown. They miss going to school, meeting their friends and indulging in outdoor activities. And who can blame them, we all miss it. But here’s a great idea that can make both you and your child happy. It will keep you away from the screens and make you feel at one with nature. We are talking about gardening! It’s a great hobby for people of all ages. Kids included! And what better kind of gardening to do at a time like this than growing plants that can be harvested at home and used in food!

In this video, Ekta Chaudhury tells you how you and your child, with the help of five common kitchen seeds, can grow vegetables with ease. The best part: most of these plants take only around a week or two to grow. And beyond getting some one on one time with nature, your kids will also learn the lesson of patience, care and responsibility with this gardening activity. Plus, the joy you see on their faces when the first leaves sprout will be worth all the muddy clothes.


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