Fun with Kids: Explore your creativity and participate in the vegetable block t-shirt printing activity!

While the lockdown is stressful on everyone, it is especially an unusual thing to get used to for kids. They easily get bored at home and without fully understanding why they are being locked in, can also tend to get cranky. What they need is creative ways to express their enthusiasm. Keeping them occupied with fun activities is key. And that’s just what we have brought for you – a t-shirt printing competition! It’s easy, fun, creative, and the right kind of teamwork for you and your children.

Step 1: Watch Maleka Patel’s video and follow her technique to create block prints out of vegetables.

Step 2: Paint the acrylic colour of your choice on the block print. (Use very little water to make sure that your print does not smudge on the surface)

Step 3: Stamp the block on your t-shirt to print the design. Get creative and use your blocks to create different designs on your t-shirt, from florals to geometric patterns and more.

Step 4: Once the prints are dry, iron the t-shirt surface to get a lasting impression.


Get creative with the designs for your block printed t-shirts and share the creations with us. We are going to publish the top three submissions with your names! So get cracking and printing!


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