Go Organic: Start out with Easy Home Gardening!

Nurturing plants is one of the most rewarding experiences and starting your home garden can be just the thing to keep you occupied, productive, and have something to look forward to.  In this video, Ekta Chaudhury tells us about the foods and spices that we can grow in our garden with seeds and buds right from the kitchen pantry.

Pick up any of these easy to grow options and follow her simple gardening tips to harvest them at your home. Once your seeds start bearing fruit, going organic will become simpler than getting groceries. On an even brighter note, gardening could be just the fulfilling and positive hobby to keep you optimistic in these trying times.

About Ekta Chaudhury:

Ekta is a full-time PhD student who spent a couple of years studying natural ecosystems in the rich jungles of southern India. So, she took up gardening & has been pursuing it seriously & passionately ever since. Her Youtube page Garden Up is all about making homes greener, in fun & simple ways. It talks all about indoor plants, plant seeds, & the right kind of pots and planters.

Here are the pictures of the entire #GodrejCommunity coming together to participate and engage themselves with home gardening, giving new meaning to Safe Socialising at Godrej Properties.


Send us pictures of your balcony garden and share your home gardening tips with us.



  1. My balcony garden having mint, ginger, green tea and bitter gourd

    • Project: Godrej Emerald
    • City: Mumbai
  2. A very useful site, thanks for sharing multifarious activities by Godrej residents. Shall try some of them at home

    • Project: Summit
    • City: Gurgaon
  3. Home Gardening for growing our our Fenugreek Leaves whilst living in Dubai.

    • Project: Godrej Emerald
    • City: Mumbai
  4. From food scraps I have been growing vegetables which are fully Bio. They are very quick to germinate about 1-2 weeks. And grow very fast once placed in proper bigger pots or in ground. I enjoy growing them every year.

    For compost you can start using peanut shells and other vegetables scraps instead of throwing them. They take time to degrade but makes excellent food for your plants.

    • Project: Godrej Prime
    • City: Mumbai

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