Here’s a song to lift your spirits: Heal by Aditi Ramesh ft. Tre Ess

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination, and life to everything.” ― Plato 

With this thought in mind, Safe Socialising brings you an original track called Heal by Aditi Ramesh ft Tre Ess.  

Her song resonates how the world is healing and how we can use this moment to reflect and reciprocate with love to our community and our planet!  

Don’t forget to use headphones for the best audio experience and tell us in the comments below how you liked the song.   


If you or anyone in your family and friends group has their original track, note, essay, or poem that follows the theme of hope and positivity, then send it to us and we shall share it here with the entire community! 


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  1. Its nice ? song to listen on headphones by Aditi Ramesh and lyrics gives important msg how environment changes during Lockdown.

    • Project: Godrej vihaa
    • City: Badlapur,mumbai
    1. Just like every coin has two sides, our #Lockdown situation too has a #positive side to it. We should spend this precious time wisely..

      • City: Mumbai
  2. Thank you for sharingwith us a wonderful vedio sung by you giving a tribute to Sri Rishi Kapoor .We are extremely happy for your active participation.Looking forward for more !

    Atish Dutta Choudhury
    Godrej Se7en

    From -Atish Dutta Choudhury

    • Project: Godrej Se7en
    • City: kolkata

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