Household Waste 2.0: Your tools for a new creative beginning!

Art can be found anywhere – even in things we discard! If we pay enough attention to recycling and reusing our waste, there are tons of ideas to create something out of it. Whats more, it is creative, eco-friendly, and a great activity to do with your little ones at home. Here are our suggestions on how to give a unique twist to everyday waste and contribute our two cents to the environment.  

1. Replace your mainstream lamp with this DIY newspaper variant

Does your nightstand have a cool lamp on it? What if we showed you how to make your own night lamp using a pile of old newspapers, some glue and a balloon? If this isnt cool, we dont know what is! Follow this step-by-step video with your kid, and create a new, super cool lamp that they can brag to their friends about.  

2. Looking to decorate a wall? Why not use the matchboxes?

Wall hangings are a great way to add a little more character to your room. But you dont always need a bag full of supplies to make a good looking one. This DIY matchbox wall hanging video shows you that it requires nothing more than coloured paper, some wool a decorative element, like in this case, decorative lace and of course, matchboxes. A great way to personalise the wall hanging is by adding pictures of your loved ones on each of the boxes. But remember, you dont have to stick to the exact process as shown in the video. In fact, we encourage you to get creative and use your imagination to think outside the (match) box!    

3. Need an organiser? Old cardboard boxes to the rescue!

Everyone’s guilty of either stowing away or disposing of the cardboard boxes we get when we order something online. But now you have the chance to recycle it creatively and put it to good use. You and your kid can team up and transform the regular brown box into a colourful desk organiser. All you need is glue, coloured paper and a creative mind.  

So use your time and waste wisely with your kids and get creating! Each video promises a fun activity and also teaches our future generations the values of handling resources responsibly!  


Share with us pictures of your DIY creations made of waste lying around at home.

Here are the pictures of the entire #GodrejCommunity coming together to participate and engage themselves with their Household Waste DIY creations, giving new meaning to Safe Socialising at Godrej Properties.


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