How to better address other medical requirements in lockdown?

Are you still consulting your doctor through regular visits?  

The nationwide lockdown has made it difficult for people with non-covid ailments to get treatment or consult their doctor. Making doctors appointments now is riskier than one might think.  

With the medical resources of the country strained due to the health crisis, how does one make sure that they are healthy during the lockdown?  

Dr. Vanshika Gupta advices people to consult their physicians through telecalls or online consultations. Here are some of the advantages that come with it:  

  • You are less vulnerable to contracting other diseases while making a doctor’s appointment.  
  • The appointment can be conducted with ease at any time of the day.  
  • It works best for the medical professionals as well because they have a reduced risk of getting infected.  
  • It is in line with the social distancing protocol.

However, if you still have reservations on the efficacy of telephone or online consultation, then listen to Dr. Vanshika explain the process in detail. Also, remember the cardinal rule for any patient: Trust your doctor.  

In these times, we all have to learn to adapt to what’s best for us and the society and consulting your doctor is not going to make a qualitative difference to your diagnosis.  

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