Pick up the pencil and become better at sketching!

From simple doodles and scribbles on paper to sketching perfection… that can be a dream that comes true. Just with a little guidance those random drawings could actually turn into pretty neat sketches. Whether it’s yourself or your child who wants to improve their sketching skills, we think it’s a great way to spend time in a fulfilling manner. Sketching is also very therapeutic in its own ways. And it is easy to learn, do and achieve! All you need is a paper, a few pencils and the passion! Minimal effort to maximum fun. Don’t worry about acing the art of sketching right away, it’s a process, one that you will enjoy every minute of. Let’s get you started.

Become a pro at sketching figures!

Sketching figures is the perfect stepping stone to getting better at the art form. In this video, you get to learn the intricacies of putting life into your drawings, from creating the structure to adding details, in a step-by-step process. So, follow the tutorial carefully and express your creativity on paper like never before.

Learn how to structure a front face portrait

When it comes to drawing sketches, creating the perfect portrait will definitely win you serious bragging rights. If you have always wanted to get better at drawing faces and up your portrait skills then follow this video to know the A to Z of how to develop the front face of human beings using a pencil and a paper. The video will help you create the right foundation for when it comes to making more realistic portraits later.

Create better side profiles in your sketches

While drawing front faces gets a lot of attention when it comes to portraits, if one wants to draw better, focusing on the side profile is also important. In this video, you get a step-by-step breakdown about how to follow the principles of portrait sketching while making a side profile. Keep practising these techniques and incorporate them to your drawing to make it look a lot more proportional and realistic than ever before.

About Reyanshh Rahul Goel:

Reyanshh is the founder of Arena Art Academy, and teaches art classes to all age groups. He has always been passionate about art and decided to pursue his dream after completing his bachelor’s in accountancy with a 1st Class. He also works on private commissions globally and for portrait startups like portraitflip and bookmypainting. He has specialised in oil painting and attended several national and international seminars.







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