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Vibhu and Aanchal from Delhi share their lockdown stories!

I, Vibhu and my wife, Aanchal stay in Gurgaon while our parents stay in Bahadurgarh, which is some 45 km away. Given both of us have hectic corporate jobs, travel becomes difficult and we generally end up going to Bahadurgargh only once a month.

The lockdown since 23rd March allowed us to spend more time with the family and try

different things that were on our mind but kept getting postponed.

Launched a venture of our own

Given many online streaming platforms available in India today, we wanted to create a single platform which could provide personalized movie/show recommendations to people along with telling them where to watch the content. Being utter movie nerds, this would also solve our online streaming woes. Believing that most great ideas are the ones that solve problems efficiently, we started

It was a joint effort from my wife, siblings and myself working on different aspects such as tech, web development, content for blogs etc. We were happy to see 1,000+ users come to the website on the day of the launch. During this lockdown, we expect BingeNchill to be a constant entertainment companion for the users.

As they say, every problem comes with an equal or greater opportunity, I think I have been able to learn & adapt to new ways of working and with the extra time at hand, which typically goes in commute and other redundant tasks, explore hidden talents, take up new hobbies, try hands at something of my own, all this along with having a wonderful time with my family.

S K Kale from Mumbai shares his exciting Europe tour story

Retirement allows living life the way you want. After retirement, I am exploring tourist destinations all over the world. Of this Europe experience is unforgettable.

We, me and my wife, undertook a group-package tour of Western Europe from 5th to 20th May 2018. It commenced on 5th midnight from Mumbai to London by Oman airways. After sightseeing in London, we proceeded to Paris by bullet-train. Onward journey was by AC coach. We visited tourist spots in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam and reached Cologne, Germany by 10th night.

On 11th afternoon we visited Cuckoo clock factory at Titisee. We saw the clock showroom and came out. While climbing down the staircase among the crowd, my wife slipped and fell. The moment she hit the ground her left ankle was badly swollen due to sprain. For a while she was unconscious. The medicos from the tourists rushed to provide first –aid. She was unable to walk. In a state of shock and uncertainty, we boarded our coach to proceed to Luzern, Switzerland.

On reaching the hotel, we enquired about the Hospital. Reception staff arranged for a cab to take us to Zagar Kantonssipital, Landhausstrasse at 9.30 pm. Two group-members accompanied us. We reached the emergency ward of the hospital. The lady cab driver assisted in filling the registration form in German. Great gesture.

Thereafter, the nurse took us to the hospital room. A team of doctors examined my wife. Got the X-ray done. No fracture noticed. It was a ligament injury. Doctors advised that my wife would have to tie crape bandage and use a wheelchair or crutches for six weeks, being the healing period. Medicines, injections, and crutches were provided from the hospital store. Some relief.

From consultation room, we moved to bill counter. Shockingly, the bill amount was EURO 1200 (Rs. 1 lakh). Neither had I had enough cash nor debit card. The insurance did not provide for a tie-up. We had to pay upfront. Our accomplice paid through the card. Timely help.

Our package included TWO of the SEVEN Wonders of the world- Eiffel and Leaning Tower. Kantonssipital was the THIRD Wonder but accidental.

We returned to the hotel at midnight. The ride, to & from, of 12 km cost us EURO 100((Rs. 8500). We went to sleep with the big question; how to continue the tour with an injured leg? Next morning help knocked on our door. One group member was carrying a wheelchair for an emergency. He offered it to us. Problem solved.

We continued remaining tour with wife on wheelchair supported by me. All the sightseeing spots, even Top of Europe, were visited. Courtesy, the existence of elevators, washrooms for disabled and what not. The wheelchair was Godsent!

Moral of the episode is: you cannot afford to fall ill or get injured in a foreign land. Extend help to disabled as they have an equal right to a decent life, like you. As the disaster comes out of blue, so does the remedy. Do not lose hope. Enjoy the journey.

Pratiksha Tejas Rane from Pune tells us more about her balcony garden

Hi everyone,

I enjoy growing my vegetables in my balcony. It’s an amazing feeling to grow your food and it gives me a sense of achievement. There are several benefits of growing your food.

So, in my recent video, I have shared step-by-step instructions for growing vegetables in the balcony and how you can enjoy leafy vegetables like Methi and palak all year round.

Hope this video will inspire you to grow your veggies 🙂

Garden Vibes – Making green more loving!
Happy Gardening!

Madhavi Murali from Pune shares her videos on fun children’s stories

I have been recording some videos for children titled ” Madhavi Aunty Stories “, covering a few categories like Mythology, Animals, Folk and History.

Most importantly, every story has a moral too.

I am sharing it here, so that it will be useful during this lockdown period for All.

Watch more on

Smriti Rekha Sarkar from Kolkata gives a tour of her balcony garden & shares her gardening tips using recycled waste

Smriti Rekha Sarkar gives us a tour of her balcony garden and then uses recycled waste products to make her own miniature garden. She has made the videos as an engagement activity for kids and to exhibit her interest in home gardening as a hobby.

Anupama Sharma from Pune shares her Work from Home story

An archaeologist by qualification, an educational entrepreneur by profession, a linguist by inclination, a writer by vocation! I am the mother of a teen and a young adult. Currently based in Kenya due to my husband’s job, I manage my Academy in my home town Pune from across the ocean and continue teaching on Skype.

Sharing with you a small poem on Work from Home


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