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Harsha Kishore Makhijani from Mumbai tells us how she reinvented herself by finding her calling in Baking!

I belong to an engineering background. Did my masters in engineering but after I got married, life changed as I moved to USA. Took all the time I needed to settle and after a baby boy decided to follow my passion.


Love doing what I do now. And I feel so happy to be creating something I never imagined I could do.  Spreading happiness and smiles with my cakes is all I needed to enjoy life and feel that life is too short not to celebrate. So here are few pics of my cakes, my creations.

Pratiksha Rane from Pune shares with us her microgreens idea to keep children engaged

Hello everyone,

In the current situation of COVID 19, it is very difficult to keep our kids engaged at home as they can’t go out to play. Microgreens are the perfect way of involving kids in gardening and keep them busy. Microgreens are tiny, little green shoots, power-packed with many essential nutrients and they are very easy and fast-growing as well.

Grow these microgreens with your kids which are easy, healthy and tasty, and I am sure they will enjoy more than u think 🙂

#stayhome #stayhealthy

S Yesudas from Mumbai tells us his personal secrets of how to deal with stress!

Can you control your company pushing you for targets? Can you control your boss screaming at you? Can you control the banker chasing you for the EMI payment? Can you control your husband’s/wife’s erratic behaviour?

Here’s my latest article on managing corporate or any type of stress; personally tried and tested methods!

Supravat Das from Kolkata shares his easy and healthy roasted chicken recipe!

“I can’t control everything in my life but I can control what I put in my body. ”

So, eat healthy food and stay strong! Health is our Wealth.

Ingredients for garlic chicken roast kebab with honey and onion chutney

2 leg piece and 1 wing without skin, 1/4th lemon, 10 pieces of garlic clove, 2 – 4 Black Peppers, Salt as per taste, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 capsicum and 1 tomato, 2 teaspoon honey, 2 medium-size onions


  1. First, prepare the mixture using garlic clove and apply it on the chicken leg and wing (skinless). Sprinkle some black pepper and salt and squeeze in some drops of lemon and mix it well.
  2. Then marinate it for 2-3 hours.
  3. Once the marination is done, use fry pan and drop 1 teaspoon of olive oil in a pan at low medium flame
  4. Cook the chicken for 15-20 mins in low flame and overturn the chicken for another 15-20 mins and try to make the chicken soft as possible.
  5. Once that is done increase the flame and now try to roast the chicken until the chicken turns brownish
  6. Prepare the homemade chutney now with honey and onion and boil it for 2 mins and use a pinch of salt
  7. Once everything is done then serve the roasted chicken hot and garnish it some boiled capsicum, tomato and lemon and with the chutney.

Pooja Jaisingh, Founder of Fun Ki Pathshaala (Wadala – Mumbai) shares her 2nd Innings story

When new journeys begin, old is no longer gold! That’s true for me but one has to dare it to do it! And it all begins with passion, patience and perseverance!

2nd innings as people say is nothing less than the hunger for more, many attempts and failures, a lot of trials and errors, depressing and failing moments and tanks full of guilt. Many give way and few evolve victoriously! Yes, for those who relate to this opening note. It’s a short story of a mother turned Mompreuneur ! A mother who believes in ONE-key to many locks – Integration. Integration of skills, resources and knowledge to the maximum!

In October 2011, I bid goodbye to a high-paying professional corporate career to be a FULL-TIME mother. Growth then was unstoppable however duties of motherhood were also growing and becoming more demanding!

It’s been a beautiful 5-year Second-innings for me – from a Senior Banker in a leading bank to a Founder of Fun Ki Pathshaala, An After-School-Activity centre for both children and adults. At FKP, I get to execute my learning and experiences from the 12 years of my corporate journey.

Work-life has a new meaning for me today! Each day of being a mom and entrepreneur is no longer tiring or monotonous! It’s all about nurturing and evolving the new generation – my son and many children who are a part of Fun Ki Pathshaala learning centre!

FKP’s birth was more need-based and selfish. Well, it was easy and smooth to deliver my first child but equally difficult to begin and grow FKP. It’s primarily Kaabir’s delayed milestones in speech and to a larger extent inability of a school to support such parents whose kids require and enjoy a different learning space or are unable to meet the defined benchmarks of school academics.

That made me realise that there were many missing pieces in a puzzle to be placed accurately! It was time to bridge the gap of learning with a fun and customised approach.

Sure so, there was just no looking back! With adequate support of my loving family, trust and encouragement of many beautiful friends who are moms wearing multiple hats, I rolled into my second innings of starting FKP in 2015.

A journey that has evolved from being selfish to selfless today! Today FKP’s strength is equivalent or rather more than the strength of 4 Divisions of one school grade. FKP has a student strength of 171 kids precisely and operates out of a 240 square feet space in a residential complex in Wadala East. FKP has worked with many leading Faculty Partners, Book Authors, Poets, Coders, Artists and Musicians. We operate part-time – 4 hours in the evening! Our strength is our faculty partners who have remained with us since inception and mommies who believe extracurricular activities are a MUST for holistic development for a child.

FKP has also worked with many schools and consulted many educative formats and events for learning beyond the classroom environment!

Fun Ki Pathshaala ( is truly a cosy space for my son Kaabir and myself. This is my work-space and also a well-integrated learning environment for many children who find all extra-curricular activities under one-roof at their door-step!

Thank You to all the Godrej Properties Residents who have taken out their time and shared with us their pieces and images. We are immensely grateful for your participation on Safe Socialising.


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