Surprise your palate with three out-of-the-box recipes!

They say variety is the spice of life. Especially when it comes to food. But access to a range of cuisines and delicacies can be difficult during this lockdown given limited  availability of resources and your favourite eateries shuttered down. Despite these hurdles, it isn’t impossible to excite your tastebuds with new dishes. In fact, it is easy to get inspired to create different kind of meals and experiment with unique recipes to satiate your craving for the new, exotic and delicious. We thought we’d help by bringing you three amazing, out-of-the-box recipes to try and devour. Here are the step-by-step videos to help you reinvent your menus at home.

1. Bake the perfect eggless vanilla cake

Dreaming of that decadent slice of vanilla cake from your favourite cafe? Make that dream a reality by baking the classic at home. Follow this step-by-step video to craft this indulgence.

2. Whip up a healthy delicious Som Tam snack

Bored of the ordinary salads? Switch it up with this appetising Som Tam salad that packs a punch of flavour. This green papaya salad will not only keep your calorie count in check, but it will keep your tastebuds delighted. All you need to know is in the video.

3. Enjoy a savoury veggie galette

Missing your continental indulgences? Don’t worry, this simple veggie galette will do the trick. It is easy to make, promises a variety of flavours and helps you reinvent your cooking style at the same time!
Try these three easy yet unique recipes by Chef Sneha Singhi and get ready to treat your tastebuds with a variety of flavours.

About Chef Sneha Singhi:

Chef Sneha Singhi is one the most emphatic architects of the millennial gastro culture in the city of Joy, Kolkata; Sneha holds a Grand Diplôme from Le Cordon Blue, she is the founder of Paris Cafe, Le Studio school of cooking, and a television chef for Bake Diaries on BBC’s Food Channel. Sneha has created a taste for distinctly global palates and authentic European flavour profiles here in Kolkata and is quite optimistic about the growing gourmands in India. During this quarantine Sneha has spent her time doing what she loves best… reinventing fancy recipes and transforming them into simple home recipes that can be tried by anyone, from a beginner to a seasoned chef.


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