This Mother’s Day, tell her you are grateful!

We’ve all had something or the other planned for Mother’s Day. From surprise gifts to dinner reservations, there is plenty on the list to tick off any other year. But what about 2020?

Since we are all in lockdown, we won’t be able to do any of that this year. Yes, you might have already made something from a DIY idea or written a card, but isn’t that what you do anyway?

Which is why we came up with an idea!

2020 is all about appreciation

It’s been a rocky start this year with the pandemic and its consequent lockdown. But it has taught all of us to appreciate the little things in life that are often shrouded by the compelling ignorance of our fast-paced living.

We appreciate the gift of life a little more. We appreciate nature and the earth we live in a little more. Maybe it is time we channel the same appreciation to our homes.

Let’s appreciate the reason we are on this planet – let’s appreciate our mothers.

So, in addition to whatever gift you have for her, give her a list of 10 things that you are grateful for and start with thanking her for your life. And since it is a Sunday, and we all have plenty of time, be the Captain of your house for a day. Do everything she does and let her take the backseat with a smile!

Even if she never says it, she needs some pampering too.

Here are some of our community members from all over the country sharing their message for their mothers.

Anupam Banerjee from Kolkata writes:

ছোট্ট কথার বিশাল মানে –
যতই মানুষ এগোয়, জানে।
আশীষ করো, মা গো তোমার
হাত সদা ঠাঁই শিরস্থানে।।
~ অনুপম

Vidya Gavel from Mumbai writes for her mother:

I resemble you mom, not only in look but personality wise too. When I was kid you took care of me, after grown up supported and encouraged me in all my decisions and helped me always to stand on my own. You have done everything for me which you herself have not got as child. And now when I am mom myself you are my best friend. What else I can ask from life. Just that I born again as your child always. Yes you are the best gift I have ever got since I was born.

Aparna and Jaya Mukherjee from Mumbai write for their mother Ila Mukherjee:

Our Miracle Mother

Mom, We look at you

and see a walking miracle.

Your unfailing love without limit,

your ability to soothe our every hurt,

the way you are on duty, unselfishly,

every hour, every day,

makes us so grateful

that we are yours, and you are ours.

With open arms and open heart,

with enduring patience and inner strength,

you gave so much for us,

sometimes at your expense.

You are our teacher,

Our comforter, our encourager,

appreciating all, forgiving all.

Sometimes we took you for granted, Mom,

but we don’t now, and we never will again.

We know that everything we are today

relates to you and your loving care.

We gaze in wonder

as we watch you being

— our mother.

Neha Puri Sharma from Mumbai for her mother Rita Puri

Maa….ull always live in me…I see u around..with the hope to hug u close…I see u chatting with me….with the hope to hear u laugh..I smell ur fragrance…with the hope u feel ur careness…Maa I love u the most…I’ll always live in me

Sukhvinder Singh Dhiman from Mumbai writes for his mother Massaya Devi Dhiman

A Mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.

Shagufta writes from Pune for her mother:

If I know what love is, It’s because of you. Thanks Ma for being my friend forever.

Lipsa Rout writes from Bangalore for her mother:

We’re thinking of you with lots of love today! Hope you can feel it. Mom, you’re the glue that holds us together.

Roopam Agrawal writes from Bangalore writes for his mother:

For all you do and all you are, we love you…

Amrutha Raghupathy writes from Bangalore for her mother:

You don’t just give love, you are love. And we love you so much, too.

Many of our community members have also sent us pictures of themselves and their mother that are being shared below.


Send us pictures of the things you are grateful for or how you’ve chosen to pamper your mother.


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