Three amazing DIY art hacks to help you Make and Create!

The lockdown has all of us trying to succeed at a test of patience until we return to our normal lives. Yet, with every passing day, it becomes harder to stay distracted from the same routine with no option for something new 

In such a scenario, art could be the haven you are looking for. It has been known to benefit the imagination and give the artist a sense of accomplishment, a feeling we are all craving for now 

Which is why we have brought you 3 amazing DIY art hacks that you can use to make something wonderful without committing an entire day to it. Here’s a look:  

1. Make your cherry blossom painting 

Considering how nature has always been a popular subject with artists, making your rendition of a cherry blossom tree can be an exciting premise! Follow this video and find out how you can use something as simple as earbuds to draw a compelling scenery of cherry blossoms hanging from the branches!  

Once you are done with it, your work is bound to bring a smile to your face.  

2. Create your flower vase with knife painting 

If you are an art aficionado, then you already know how exciting knife painting can be. It’s a different technique compared to our regular trials with paintbrushes and can be just the right activity to keep your teen kids engaged in this lockdown!  

Follow the video to find out how you can make a colourful flower vase using the technique!  

3. Design your pocket notebook 

Always wanted a small notebook to put down your random thoughts and musings? Well, it is a must-have for all artists. But don’t worry – you will not have to scour the internet to find your perfect companion.  

With this video tutorial, all you need is a knife and some chart paper! Follow the steps and make your little notebook from scratch.  

 These DIY hacks and activities will keep you engaged and positive during the lockdown. All our suggestions are productive and require little to bring to life with things that are easily available at homes. 

What are you still waiting for?  

About Aashna: 

Aashna Ahuja is a 12-year-old girl, based in Mumbai. Her passion is baking and creating different art works. During this quarantine time she decided to utilise her time productively, and these are some of her creations! Follow her Instagram handle for more.  


Share your paintings with us and we shall publish it on the blog.  


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