Upgrade your Skill Set: A Definitive Guide to the Top 5 Free Online Courses

With social distancing in order, we have time on our hands to upgrade our existing skill set to prepare us for life ahead.

To make this enlightening journey easier for you, Safe Socialising brings a curated list of the top 5 free online courses that you can pursue!

Become better at Problem Solving

Critical thinking and problem solving are two sides of the same coin and form the unit of currency in the professional world, no matter which field you belong to.

Sign up for this course by Rochester Institute of Technology on EdX and learn how to approach situations with strategic analysis and assessment to create customized solutions!



Upgrade your public speaking skills

Public speaking is a coveted art form for people from all fields, industries, and experiences. With the rise of personal story-telling portals like Ted, our own social media and various corporate conventions, it is one quality that presents any individual with a myriad of  opportunities.

This course on EdX by RIT on the basic elements of speech communication, how to overcome anxiety, and the secrets to delivering impactful and clear speeches is a must learn for all ages.



Learn more about Human Health and Nutrition

The rise of the health and nutrition movement all over the world is now creating a tribe of urban dwellers who are thoughtful of what they consume and how it affects their bodies.

At a time when the importance of good health is at its peak, having a fundamental understanding of macro-nutrients and its impact on human metabolism can be a thought invoking process. Join this course on EdX by Wageningen University to unlock the key to a healthier lifestyle.



Hack into the Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Harvard in collaboration with EdX presents a course that analyses the opportunities of entrepreneurship in emerging markets. From conceptual framework to appreciation of problems, this insightful take on finding the right moment for your business can be all you need to bring your plans to fruition.



Understand Climate Change and its Impact

Climate change is the biggest reality of our lifetimes and this Harvard course traverses through its impact on nutrition and migration. It also presents various strategies to mitigate and adapt to our future.

These are our top 5 picks for free online courses that range over a variety of topics. Some promise professional growth while others give key insight into modern life and how we can live more sustainably and responsibly.




Enroll to any of the above courses for free and tell us how you find them helpful or share your course suggestions in the comments below.



    1. Fantastic initiative. Keep up the good work. Must congratulate the team behind this idea. Love the crisp digital design and contents(simple and clear)👍🏻

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    1. “Thanks Mr Karwa! Happy learning and look forward to you sharing your experience! Please do let us know which courses you end up taking!”😊

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  1. Godrej has kept customer engagement really high with these initiatives. I have been talking about this to my colleagues as best practice.

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    1. We are happy to know that you have enjoyed these initiatives. It’s such positive feedback and word of mouth that keeps us wanting to raise the bar. Thank you for sharing this with your colleagues and we look forward to your participation in many more such activities😊

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  2. An adorable initiative of socializing with ur customers.very informative and interesting.best wishes to team Godrej Properties

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  3. This regarding one of my experience at my work. I hope this will help others to have little motivation during this tough time.

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    1. Thank you for sharing the below with us.We are extremely happy for your active participation.Looking forward for more !

      Sidhant Ghosh
      Godrej Prakriti, Shivalik 1105

      When a Pandemic hits an NGO.Introduction

      This is one of favorite picture. This picture was taken at Presidency University in Kolkata in the year 2018. The pictures of students and faculties of Presidency University along with my children from two projects (One from our orphanage and other from drop in Centre in red light area of Khidirpore). We had a charity tournament where faculties students and my children were in the same team. Promoting opportunity to all.

      Hello everyone, Welcome to my blog. This is literally my first blog, never thought in life will write one. Guess the lock-down is bringing up insanely deep hidden talents. Due to corona virus pandemic there has been a lot of negative news everywhere. Everybody is scared of the uncertainty that the virus holds. Question like (Where is the medicine? When will the vaccine come? Will I survive it? So many people are losing jobs what would happen to me?) Are very common.
      In this world of negative news, I thought may be our stories of beneficiaries and our journey as the organization may find people some positivism and motivation. Something I guess the world needs now.

      Right now I’m 32, but let me take you back 10 years, so that I can take you the reason why I joined the social sector and never went back.

      The year 2010, I had just completed my B.com from Calcutta University. And started my Post graduate diploma in management from the nodal center of All India Management association in salt lake Kolkata. One fine evening in the month of December I had received a Job interview from a renowned NGO in the country. I decided to give it a try although I had no idea how an NGO works at that time. I spoke to my family and friends, only thing they knew was NGO’s don’t pay well and second you have work for underprivileged.

      I got the Job, I was confused how I got it. During the interview I was asked question whose answers I didn’t have. I thought I will be rejected. (Later I came to know, I was the fifth choice as all four people before me didn’t join after hearing the job description and package. (I guess people back home where right NGO and Salary Package walk in opposite direction.

      I was appointed as Trainee field on contractual basis for 1 year with monthly stipend of 7.5k/ month.
      I decided to take the offer as I wanted to show some work experience for my PGDM as it will help me in grabbing a good job during placements and it is said experience from NGO’s is something companies give preference too. Mentally this was internship for me, so I didn’t care the package. I thought let’s EXPLORE…

      Day 1. Success or sad or Happy Story 1 (You decide and let me know in the comment section)

      My first day of work is something whose every minute is still with me even after a decade. Never thought will witness something which will leave me out of words for that entire day.

      I was on time, excited and motivated like any other 1st day joiner. My field manager cum trainer had few field visits preset on the other I was waiting for a formal induction. “Sidhant Right?” said my field manager. I replied “Yes” still confused try understand who this person is. “Hi! My name is Ajay, I’m your trainer and the field manager, I will take care of your training. Let’s go!” he said. I said “Where! The admin said I will meet the Project head for the induction”. “I have already spoken to him. Narendra will talk to you in the evening once we come back. Let’s go quickly we have to catch a Krishnanagar local in 15 minutes from Bidhan Nagar Station” he said. I said “OK” although I was not impressed with how things began as I didn’t meet the Boss, I didn’t get my appointment letter, even I didn’t get to see How my first office looks from inside and where I was going to seat. And here I was standing in long queue at Bidhan Nagar station to buy a local railway ticket to go to Krishnanagar, for What I had no idea.
      The local train was adequately full, and we got seats after few stations. Although we were seating in different places we didn’t get the opportunity to speak much. I just asked him, “Sir? Where are we going?” He said, “You will find out when you will reach out there”. The suspense was building up and it was unbearable. I was looking outside and wondering whether the decision to join an NGO was right or wrong?

      We reached Krishna Nagar inside 2 hours. We took a rickshaw, in the rickshaw Ajay said,” Sidhant, in sometime we are going to meet a rape victim I want you understand and follow few things, she was raped at the age 13 by his own uncle and his friends. All of them are in police custody right now and under trial. We are going to meet her, she is one of her beneficiaries. We are supporting her for last 3 years. Do not ask her any unnecessary questions and most important be sensitive to her. I don’t want you to remind her about her past. I followed up with a “Yes Sir”.

      A fresh chill air went through my veins giving goose bumps it still gives me when I remember the day. I was lost, confused, nervous and what not. Suddenly words dried up in my mouth. in the rickshaw I was wondering “what should I talk to her or more important what shouldn’t i talk to her. And here I was in front of the door.

      The door opened I was completely unsure of what is was going to witness. I saw smiling 16 years old girl open the door. She said in bengali, ” you are here I was waiting for you since morning”. She called her mother as we have arrived in the meantime Ajay introduced me to Nilanjana and her mother. Nilanjana reminded me of a wonderful song by Nachiketa and well known singer in Kolkata. I felt shocked when I understood she was the rape victim Ajay was talking about. I didn’t knew what to talk. In the mean time I was offered coconut water by her to drink. She asked Ajay, who I was and why I was not talking. Trust me I was the only one among the four who was at state of shock, because others were having pretty normal conversation, about her health and how her education was going and if she was following up with the doctors. In their conversation I came to know she didn’t had father and she has elder sister who is married and stays in Kachrapara. I also came to learn that she is also started earning by taking coaching classes from KG to Class 4 and has now 10 students.

      Nilanjana was like any other 16 years old girl. Studying in class IX in State run Bengali Medium School. She had a normal Indian skin tone with long hair. Their House gave me an idea that they were below poverty line depended on government subsidies for survival. Her widow mother works as freelance cook at different household in their localities. Trust me it was hard to believe that Nilanjana was raped at the age of 13. After certain exchanges like copies, some books, medicines and few nutritional items we decided to leave her place. By this time the tension that was there inside me had disappeared, I was more relaxed and was carefully having small conversation with them and finally we bid good bye to Nilanjana. She requested me to come back again and she was happy to meet me.

      And I, I didn’t know how I felt, well blank will be the right word. One the way back something inside me wanted to know what happened to her, why was she raped. I asked Ajay,” Honestly I’m scared Sir, but is it wrong if I ask you why she was raped?”
      Ajay Said,


      Nilanjana’s elder sister Dipanjana and her husband used had regular fights because her elder sister was not able to deliver a child. She was very badly treated in her in laws house. On similar occasion Dipanjana was hit so hard that she was unable to do her house chores, as a secondary help to her younger sister Nilanjana was sent. One night Dipanjana and her husband who was drunk with his two friends were having fight as the quality of food cooked by Nilanjana was not good. Thus as a punishment for not cooking quality food Nilanjana was raped whole night by Dipanjana’s Husband and his two friends.
      Later a case was filled in the local police station and all three culprits were booked under IPC. The case at that point of time was under trial. Nilanjana was taken to nearest hospital for treatment from their our organization came to know about her. Post physical and psychological treatment and rejoined her school after a break of 1 year. In my interaction with her she wanted to be a school teacher.

      Sometimes I wonder we have so many things in life and still we look for new things and complain about things we do not have. I hear Students ending their lives due to less marks. Young boys and girls committing suicide due to break ups. Professional ending their lives due to job loss. People not able to stand after their failures.

      Before you complain Ask yourself, whose life is worse effected Your’s or Nilanjana’s?

      Posted by Sidhant Ghosh

      • Project: Godrej Prakriti
      • City: kolkata

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