Upgrade your Skill Set: A Definitive Guide to the Top 5 Free Online Courses

With social distancing in order, we have time on our hands to upgrade our existing skill set to prepare us for life ahead.

To make this enlightening journey easier for you, Safe Socialising brings a curated list of the top 5 free online courses that you can pursue!

Become better at Problem Solving

Critical thinking and problem solving are two sides of the same coin and form the unit of currency in the professional world, no matter which field you belong to.

Sign up for this course by Rochester Institute of Technology on EdX and learn how to approach situations with strategic analysis and assessment to create customized solutions!



Upgrade your public speaking skills

Public speaking is a coveted art form for people from all fields, industries, and experiences. With the rise of personal story-telling portals like Ted, our own social media and various corporate conventions, it is one quality that presents any individual with a myriad of  opportunities.

This course on EdX by RIT on the basic elements of speech communication, how to overcome anxiety, and the secrets to delivering impactful and clear speeches is a must learn for all ages.



Learn more about Human Health and Nutrition

The rise of the health and nutrition movement all over the world is now creating a tribe of urban dwellers who are thoughtful of what they consume and how it affects their bodies.

At a time when the importance of good health is at its peak, having a fundamental understanding of macro-nutrients and its impact on human metabolism can be a thought invoking process. Join this course on EdX by Wageningen University to unlock the key to a healthier lifestyle.



Hack into the Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Harvard in collaboration with EdX presents a course that analyses the opportunities of entrepreneurship in emerging markets. From conceptual framework to appreciation of problems, this insightful take on finding the right moment for your business can be all you need to bring your plans to fruition.



Understand Climate Change and its Impact

Climate change is the biggest reality of our lifetimes and this Harvard course traverses through its impact on nutrition and migration. It also presents various strategies to mitigate and adapt to our future.

These are our top 5 picks for free online courses that range over a variety of topics. Some promise professional growth while others give key insight into modern life and how we can live more sustainably and responsibly.




Enroll to any of the above courses for free and tell us how you find them helpful or share your course suggestions in the comments below.


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